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Eight new palettes of 45 colours have been added to the existing 24 Atlas hues to enhance the colour spectrum of the Chromatone Atlas.
These are R26 Terracotta Red, B58 Blue, P46 Purple, G74 Green, Y06 Yellow, A14 Amber, V50 Violet and C90 Citrus which in total provides another 360 Atlas colour options. These are presented in the exact same triangular format as the Atlas and are available in 3 different versions.

1. In individual solid triangles cases with lids to be compatible with the Traditional Chromatone Atlas.

Terracota Reds (R26) Blues (B58) Purples (P46) Greens (G74)
Yellows (YO6) Ambers (A14) Violets (V50)

 Citrus (C90)

2. In two individual cases with handles each one comprising 4 removable triangles. These are compatible with the Portable Chromatone Atlas and it is possible to mix and match the triangles to suit your colour requirement.

3. All 8 colour triangles housed in one stylish carry case which enables the 360 Additional Atlas
colours to be easily transported to other locations.

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