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Intermediate Collections

The Intermediate Colour Collections have been added to the Chromatone range over a period of time and are supplementary to the Atlas colours. There are 6 Individual collections of 60 colours called Chalk Tones, Mineral Shades, Grey Shades, Natural Shades, Autumn Shades and The Chameleon Collection plus one collection of 120 colours called The Intermediate Strong Collection. These are available as individual collections and in total there are 480 Intermediate colours.

Chalk Tones Mineral Autumn Shades Grey Shades
Natural Shades Strong Shades Chameleon Collection


1) Chalk Tones - emphasising bleached natural shades and chalky whites with a hint of colour.
2) Mineral Shades - reflecting the earth's natural resources and current concern with the environment. They are based on the subdued tones of natural minerals, featuring ferrous, olivine, cobalt and ligneous hues.
3) Autumn Shades -
showing the more colourful side of nature, emphasising the combination of warm sun golds and burnt earth reds, with contrasting Mediterranean Sea blues and clear, fresh greens.
4) Grey Shades -
selected mainly from intermediate values from 0 - 10 in Chromatic intensity, this collection displays greys with a hint of blue, red and yellow.
5) Natural Shades -
a range of shades from ecru to stone with pale golds to warm terracota and rust reds.
6) Chameleon Collection -
reflecting a growing trend towards the use of beige and sisal colours in the carpet trade ranging from warm pink hues to sandy colours through to cool blue tones.
7) Intermediate Strongs
- four groups of 30 colours have been developed covering bold blues, rich reds, deep greens and bright yellows to produce bold colours for particular use in the contract sector.

Intermediate Colour Case - additional to the colours contained within the Atlas

Chromatone Colours keeping you fully abreast of industry trends....

The complete collection of 7 Intermediate Collections are also displayed in one stylish carry case. This enables the complete collection of 480 colours to be viewed in their entirety and allows the colours to be easily transported to other locations.


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