The ESSENTIAL Premier Colour Reference System for the Carpet and Rug Industry.
Instant communication of colour/large colour bank for new range development.
Used across the World in all 5 Continents


Six Figure Coding System

How Chromatone's Unique colour coding system works
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CHROMATONE colours are coded by
six digit numbers.

e.g. 32 70 50

32 70 50
The first two digit number represents the hue selected from the chromatic circle.
e.g. 32 70 50

32 70 50
The second two digit number, identified by the vertical dotted lines from the base of the triangle, represents the relative lightness/darkness of the colour.

The higher the number, the lighter the colour.

32 70 50 The third two digit number, identified by the diagonal dotted lines from the R.H.S. of the triangle represents the chromatic intensity of the colour.

The higher the number. the more saturated the colour.

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